Pre-paid Funerals

For many, losing a loved one is an emotional experience that needs to be faced perhaps only a few times in a lifetime. Yet at this very moment of deepest grief, some important and difficult decisions still need to be made.

This is where the compassion, professionalism and community commitment of Thompson Funeral Care. Funeral care can help to make this most difficult of times just that little bit more bearable.

We offer the ability to pre-plan your funeral with My Farewell Wishes, an Irish funeral planning company.

Pre-planning your arrangements makes sure that your loved ones are spared much of the burden of organising a funeral. You can specify as much or as little detail as you want to in advance and make a payment towards the cost of your wishes, if that’s what you’d like to do.

To discuss your options, call us on 086 877 3268 / 059 863 2714 or Contact Us and we can organise a meeting to discuss your requests further.